Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Am I lousy in bed?


Sometimes I meet a guy and it just doesn't work! It's mechanical. I find myself doing routine things and not really involved or giving. After an encounter like that, I find myself wondering if I'm actually lousy in bed.

Could I have been an escort?

 Other times I meet a guy and I feel on fire. Everything I do drives him crazy and I think of things to do that never crossed my mind before. After encounters like that, I tell myself I should have been an escort! I'm the Daddy!

All this reflection on extremes lead me to conclude that I'm neither...I'm simply only as good in bed as the guy I'm with!

Where's all this going?

OK. Cheap trick. I talked about sex to get your attention. Is it relevant to CRUISE? Am I ever going to make a connection or will I just bang on  about my personal life? 

Here's the link.  The last CRUISE in June was a sensational party. The crowd was so wild, so up for it and so open to different kinds of music that I thought of things to play that never crossed my mind before.  So I've come to a new conclusion about deejaying. Deejayiing is like sex! The DJ is only as good as the crowd he's with...

And at the last CRUISE you guys were AWESOME!!

So I'd just like to say thank you guys, you guys inspired me to play the best set of my DJ career so far! 


See you at the next party!

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